South African Renal Society – Pharmaplan Exhibit – Cosmofer

Cosmofer is an IV iron drug that infuses in a single dose rather than the multiple doses previously required. It has made great inroads into the south african market…as such the focus of this congress was to build on the existing brand and work on extending the brand to the delegates.

We created a simple yet visually …appealing exhibit and turned the entire exhibit into a photo studio.

Delegates had their pictures taken using a high res slr camera coupled with softbox studio lighting and triggered using digital triggers. We where able to shoot, print and frame over 300 shots which were given to the respective delegates as mementos of the congress.

As many of them are from the more remote area’s of south africa the gift of a memory from a congress visit was perfect and will stay in visible circulation at their respective hospitals.

Each photo carries the product name in the background ensuring Cosmofer remains top of mind to all who see it.

In addition all images are available on flickr and the link emailed to all delegates for them to download which will further extend the shows reach for Pharmaplan.





a full gallery of images here


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