Snow in Plettenberg Bay

Occasionally we have been known to have some childlike fun at H3D

The start of this week saw some heavy snowfall along the entire range of mountains from Cape Town to the Drakensberg. And not being one to pass up an opportunity for juvenile fun we packed up and headed out there.

We took an hours drive up to Avontuur above Plettenberg Bay and en route to Uniondale via Prince Alfred’s pass. This road was closed the previous day due to the snow thickness. Driving the iced roads was good fun

I am told the previous day this area was blanketed white and overnight rain diluted the snow to a degree. Still this didn’t stop anyone behaving like 2 year olds, making snowmen and generally acting like hooligans. Some kids where victims of the adults snowball crossfire 🙂

avontuur snow

plettenberg bay snow

plettenberg bay snow

avontuur snow

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