Conference and Exhibition Venues in South Africa proving to be a useful site…by far the most comprehensive website for this sort of information

They have a full list of conference and exhibition venues searchable by venue size, conference size…whatever your requirements are they can find it.  If it’s not there it’s probably not worth going too…ok so that probably a rubbish statement as there are a ton of small wonderful venues around SA that aren’t on here, but probably should be.  However, most of the main venues are there as well as many of the smaller, more intimate venues.

The great thing with SA is you can quite literally conference on a mountain top, or in a vineyard, or amongst penguins… so if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary do give us a call



2 thoughts on “Conference and Exhibition Venues in South Africa

  1. hi
    i need to organize a three day coference with an exhibition included. which venue will be the best for that in south africa?

    • Hi Adriette

      your choice of venue is going to depend on a number of factors. Being Capetonian i would gravitate towards a cape town venue such as the CTICC…especially if you have a large contingent of international guests who will appreciate the cosmopolitan Cape lifestyle and also the sheer amount of activities to do whilst not working.

      How large in your conference?
      How many delegates do you expect.
      What industry is the conference specialising in?
      Have you used previous SA venues for conferences?

      I am more than happy to assist you in making the choice. If you prefer drop me a email at and we can chat further



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