EXSA renews International partnership

“EXSA is delighted to renew their Reciprocity Agreement with US-based IAEE and we look forward to liaising closely with our international colleagues in promoting the growth of the exhibition market” stated EXSA Chairman Nigel Walker. “This partnership reaffirms that South Africa is on the fast track, and EXSA is at the forefront of the industry encouraging growth and opportunity.”



The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), formerly the International Association for Exhibition Management (IAEM), is a renowned trade association established to promote the growth and expansion of the world wide exhibition industry. It was founded in 1928. This includes professionals who organise, conduct, and support trade shows, exhibitions, meetings, and events at private and public venues. IAEE accomplishes its mission through education and advocacy programs that serve more than 6,000 members in 52 countries.

In addition to hundreds of individuals, IAEE’s serves partner vendors and service organisations that have business interests in the exhibition industry. IAEE promotes the unique value of exhibitions and other events that bring buyers and sellers together such as road shows, conferences with an exhibition component, and proprietary corporate exhibitions. IAEE is the principle resource for those who plan, produce and service the industry. “EXSA stands for the same values: to promote the value of exhibitions in the marketing mix in Southern Africa. South Africa is fast becoming a popular location for international exhibitions with many new titles coming into the country, and as such it is important that we re-establish international relationships within the exhibition industry.”

Sue Gannon, the EXSA GM stated. EXSA and IAEE originally developed a cooperation agreement as far back as the late 1990’s at which time the then EXSA Chair, Sean McCoy and IAEE President, Steven Hacker, put in place a framework for knowledge transfer and collaboration between the respective associations. This came at a time when the South African industry was benefitting from the return of the country into the global economy in a post-apartheid era said McCoy; and was experiencing unprecedented growth, highlighting the importance of exhibitions in the marketing mix. The IAEE has a considerable track record in a well-established industry in the USA and beyond; and drawing from their experience, research capabilities and international best practice was regarded as highly valuable to the South African industry, added McCoy.

The new deal extends reciprocal membership benefits to respective members of both organisations. The benefits can therefore include: The extension of members’ pricing for all products, services, meetings, and events that are offered by EXSA and IAEE. Recognition of the respective professional designations that may be offered by the organizations, wherever possible and practical, to applicants for the purpose of recertification. The sharing of research data and information that is relevant and not proprietary. The creation of jointly sponsored activities and events that will encourage interaction between the members of each organisation. The participation of the leaders of the associations in the major events of each organisation. “Information is Power”. “What EXSA can do is to forge and grow links internationally with organisations that have the resources to undertake such tasks. Thus it is with pleasure that we can announce that we have renewed an agreement, originally signed in 1998, with the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE)” concludes Walker.

Via: http://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/94/79860.html


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