SARS extends VAT ruling – Zero-rate VAT for international clients for EXSA members ONLY

EXSA is able to continuously benefit its many members by constantly working on their behalf with representation to Government and other parties. EXSA was delighted to inform its members recently that SARS has extended their VAT ruling whereby they are able to zero-rate VAT for international clients for EXSA members ONLY until September 2015.
This ruling has been met with much appreciation at the EXSA offices. Sue Gannon, the EXSA GM, said: “This is very exciting, as we foresee the next few years bringing in many new business events and international exhibitions and we are delighted that Government agrees with us on this point. Minister van Schalkwyk recently said that business events would also greatly further job creation in SA”.

EXSA markets the absolute power of face-to-face marketing at exhibitions. Other benefits of EXSA membership includes the EXSA Awards where judging for shows and stands result in the “Oscars of the Industry”; the EXSA annual diary and resource guide; skills development; and much more. EXSA also has international and national alliances, which includes UFI, IAEE, and EGF to name a few.

The Association has created partnerships with both Government and media to ensured credibility within this most important industry.

When asked what future benefits the Association planned on providing, Natasha Bryant, EXSA’s new Communication Manager, added that EXSA has a few things in the pipeline, and that the EXSA office is an exciting place to be at present!

EXSA can be found on Facebook as Exhibitions and Events Association of Southern Africa (EXSA); as well as on Twitter at @EXSA_SA.


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