The Design Indaba Conference 2013 @ CTICC

Design Indaba Conference 2013 takes place from Wednesday 27 February to Friday 1 March 2013 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. A live Simulcast is hosted at the same time at various venues around Southern Africa.

Design Indaba Conference

Since 1995, the Design Indaba Conference has invited the world’s top creative minds to address professionals from the creative, corporate and educational sectors alike. Championing creativity that enhances every aspect of the world around us, Design Indaba recognises graphic design, advertising, film, music, fashion design, industrial design, architecture, craft, visual art, new media, publishing, broadcasting and performing arts shoulder-to-shoulder.

Why attend?

The Design Indaba Conference and Simulcast promises:

  • Over 30 local and international speakers under one roof.
  • Three days of inspiration and design overload to get your creative juices flowing.
  • The speakers are masters of their industries and disciplines, with knowledge that you will not find on the internet or in a book.
  • Everything at Design Indaba Conference has cross-disciplinary application possibilities.
  • Design Indaba Conference attracts business people, designers, creatives and educators, making it the ideal event at which to network and meet like-minded individuals.
  • Delegates who attend come from far and wide with as much as 20% of the audience from abroad. This highlights Design Indaba’s influence in the international creative community.
  • It is a one-of-a-kind conference in South Africa and renowned globally for the value it adds to the design industry both locally and abroad


Speakers on the main stage at Design Indaba 2013

The Design Indaba takes place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from Wednesday 27 February to Friday 1 March 2013. Please click here for bookings and more information.

At the heart of this annual Conference is the carefully curated selection of speakers that share their thoughts, ideas and experience with a captive global audience.

And this year will be no different.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce the following individuals as speakers on the main stage at Design Indaba 2013.

Please note that every week more speakers are announced. Watch this space for regular updates.

Louise Fili 

A specialist in food packaging and restaurant identities, graphic designer Louise Fili’s work has been widely awarded. She is the principal of Louise Fili Ltd and has authored a vast number of books on art, design and culture.

Alexander Chen

Alexander Chen has been making musical and interactive work since 2002, working with companies such as The Barbarian Group, Modernista, and Google. In 2011, Chen launched MTA.ME, which transformed a New York subway map into a string instrument.

Masashi Kawamura 

Masashi Kawamura is a creative director and the founder of PARTY, a creative lab based in Tokyo and New York, which believes that “new creations are born from new creative process”. He was recently named as one of Fast Company’s “100 most creative people in business 2012”.

View Kawamura’s work here and here.

Nicholas Hlobo

Nicholas Hlobo is a South African artist, fast gaining an international reputation for his experimental use of materials. He was the Standard Bank Young Artist for Visual Art 2009, and the Rolex Visual Arts Protégé for 2010/11, working with Anish Kapoor as his mentor.

Oscar Diaz

Plain and playful, product designer Oscar Diaz’s work demonstrates his understanding of the opposite ends of the design spectrum. From limited-edition pieces to mass produced objects, Diaz’s work often draws inspiration from everyday object that, with a simple twist, turns into something unexpected.

Read more about Diaz here.

Marian Bantjes & Jessica Hische

“Internet friends” Marian Bantjes and Jessica Hische will be sharing a speaker slot at Design Indaba Conference 2013.

The duo will be in conversation, rather than doing a “show and tell”, talking about the kinds of things that two women, doing similar but different work, deal with in design.

Read more about Bantjes and her work.

Read more about Hische and her work.

Daan Roosegaarde

Daan Roosegaarde is an artist and innovator interested in exploring the relationships between people, architecture and technology and how this impacts on the dawn of a new era.

From a garment that turns transparent in response to the wearer’s heartbeat, to urban interactions that light up the dark and make roads safer, Roosegaarde self describes his work as “techno-poetry”.

Click here for Roosegaarde’s profile. Also read more about his projects: Dune, Smart Highway and Intimacy.

Matthew Carter

Type designer Matthew Carter brings some 50 years of experience in typographic technologies, ranging from hand-cut punches to computer fonts, to Design Indaba Conference 2013.

His career highlights include designing some of the most widely recognised fonts in the world, such as Verdana, Tahoma and Georgia.

Read more about Carter here.

Paula Scher

Paula Scher’s work draws on what Tom Wolfe called the “big closet” of art and design history, classic and pop iconography, literature, music and film, creating images that speak to contemporary audiences with emotional impact and appeal. Click here to see a selection of Scher’s work and video interviews.

Seymour Chwast

Seymour Chwast, founding partner of the celebrated Push Pin Studios, has a distinct creative style that has worldwide influence on contemporary visual communications.

John Maeda

Not only is John Maeda an artist, graphic designer, computer scientist and widely respected educator, he was also named as one of the 75 most influential people of the 21st century by Esquire.

His Twitter feed (@johnmaeda) enjoys similar influence, having been named one of TIME Magazine’s 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2011.

In his capacity as the president of Rhode Island School of Design, Maeda is leading the movement to transform STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to STEAM by adding art.

Read more about Maeda here.

Sir John Hegarty  

He is the man that discovered Brad Pitt, brought music to the forefront in Levi’s commercials (resulting in soundtracks from seven Levi’s commercials making it onto the UK charts’ number-one slot) and coined the now-famous “Vorsprung Durch Technik” phrase for Audi.

It is our great honour to be welcoming advertising stalwart Sir John Hegarty to Design Indaba in 2013.

Click here for Hegarty’s biography, or here to view work in his creative portfolio.


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