HOTT3D at the Mining Indaba 2013

We were approached by Shell in 2012 to create a corporate, yet interactive exhibit for Mining Indaba 2013. The event starts on Monday 04th February 2013 at the CTICC in Cape Town, South Africa.
We incorporated a racing simulator modified to be a offroad dump truck driving experience…a little bit of fun to break the very corporate nature of the show. iPads are used for lead generation and digital content on LED screens explains the products and services. A counter serves as a multiple use surface where staff and customers can interact.
The design utilizes back-lighting and light framing as the main lighting effects. Red lines of illuminated perspex run along vertical edges and horizontal bulkheads…the entire backwall consists of regularly shaped panels, which will all be halo illuminated…so creating bright divisions between each panel.
Included in our services are the creation of online lead generation forms and database system as well as outsourcing video editing for the screen content.
A dark timber floor creates a strong foundation for the relatively light walls and arches.
Photo updates to follow of the completed build.

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