Exhibition industry grew in 2013

The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, UFI has released the results of their 12th Global Barometer survey, which show that the exhibition industry grew in 2013.

Reviewing the consolidated results over five years, the associations found a majority of companies in all regions reported an increase of their turnover since at least 2011. In addition, around half declared an increase of more than 10 per cent for 2013. However, 63 per cent of respondents stated that the impact of the “economic crisis” on their business is not yet over and most of them expect that it won’t be until 2015.

Residual effects of the crisis aside, most companies surveyed reported they are planning new strategic developments with 75 per cent planning new activities in either the classic range of exhibition activities (venue/organiser/services) or in live or virtual events (or both) and 49 per cent planning to expand exhibition operations to new countries.

“While we shall remain cautious about the development of the global economic situation, the exhibition media continues to demonstrate its strength with growth over the last four years,” said UFI managing director Paul Woodward. “The industry remains remarkably dynamic with a majority of companies positively embracing the challenges of new ranges of activity or geographical development.”

The 12th Global Barometer survey was answered by 178 companies from 57 countries. The Survey can be downloaded from www.ufi.org/research.

via: http://www.cimmagazine.com/cim-magazine-latest-news/exhibition-industry-grew-in-2013#.UuevQ2AaLs1


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