10 Eye-catching Exhibition Stand Designs

Exhibitions and Trade Shows are a very competitive environment and as such, how your booth looks can make a huge impact on the success of the event for your company.

The exhibits that work the best create a space that is immediately eye-catching and makes the delegate want to interact or at worst have a closer look. Open, welcoming stands definitely work far better at attracting interaction than stands that are closed off. Though this does depend on the intended use of the booth.

All of the example stands we have selected are brilliant in their own right and have been chosen because of the way they have created an extension of the exhibiting companies brand. In most cases the exhibition stand represents a mindshift from the companies traditional 2D marketing.

As always budget plays a huge role in what can be achieved as does the allocation of space by organisers, but on the whole the philosophy of how the stand is designed would remain the same no matter the stand configuration.

View all HOTT3D Exhibition Stand Designs on Behance at www.behance.net/HOTT3D

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