The similarities of exhibiting success and sporting success

With the summer of sport set to continue with the Commonwealth Games this week, my thoughts have turned to running.

Not the pounding the streets, sweaty kind, but more the running of a good exhibiting strategy. Just as energetic and muscle testing from experience, but with a lot less Lycra!

So just how does exhibiting compare to sporting success?

Nimlok Ltd Exhibiting at Marketing Week Live 2014 with busy stand

Preparation and ambition is key

Ok, so planning 10 years ahead for an exhibition stand may be a little OTT, but Rory McIlroy’s dad’s decision to place a bet on his son winning an Open back in 2004 has made him £50,000 richer. So the lesson to be learnt for would-be exhibitors is to think ahead, set objectives and then exceed them. Either that or have an offspring who’s handy with a golf club of course.

Lightning doesn’t strike twice

Sorry Andy, but just because it happened once doesn’t mean history will repeat itself. It’s the same for exhibitors unfortunately. Last year your giveaway went down a storm, but do the same this year and it might be less giveaway and more give it miss. Keep it meaningful and make sure your giveaways, if you choose to use them, tie in with your overall theme. Move with the times and keep challenging how and what you choose to exhibit, how you’ll attract attention and what message you have to get across.

Team work matters

As Germany proved, team work matters – even from those on the substitute bench! Getting the right mix of sales staff, product professionals and master marketers is essential to maximise return on investment from any event spend. Just thinking back to our own Marketing Week Live presence, we made sure we had the right mix of professionals there. If you want to get your message across professionally you need to be engaging in meaningful dialogues and that means with well briefed, knowledgeable stand staffers. That way you filter the real leads and can maximise the number of qualified leads obtained, which is really the main GOAL!

Don’t get caught napping

After all, unless you are this man caught sleeping at a Yankees game who is suing ESPN for $10 million, you’re more likely to lose money than gain it if there are any sleepy sales staff on stand! Exhibition attendance is like a marathon – stamina is key and you can only rest when you’ve covered the distance. Judging by our recent Marketing Week Live attendance, there are a lot of miles to be covered through stand set-up, reaching out to prospects, visiting other stands to gain new ideas and surveying the hall about their exhibition drivers.

Phew! After that mental workout, why not now enjoy a brew. Not only will it exercise your mouth muscles in advance for sales conversations, but if you follow Yorkshire Tea’s example from the Tour De France this year, it will also give you a grand idea for linking your brand with the next sporting big thing. Another great example of how events generate great ideas.

Via: Nimlok


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